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Son of the tailor and confectioner Simon Cressy, Maurice Renoma grew up with his brother Michel in the family apartment which also served as a clothing workshop, a stone's throw from the Carreau du Temple, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.  

From the age of 15, Maurice made clothes in suede or loden, in a typically English style, unheard of for the time.

In 1963, the White House Renoma store opened its doors, rue de la Pompe, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Considering fashion as an art form, Maurice Renoma expresses his original and daring vision. New materials, bold colors and sculptural cuts, all the ingredients are there to make the family fashion house stand out from the rest.  

The Renoma style becomes famous: fitted jacket with wide lapels, deep slits, straight shoulders associated with straight cut, low waist pants. Maurice Renoma is shaking up fashion standards with his military cloth blazers, his fitted suits in green velvet, garnet, purple ...  

He diverts the garment by cutting it from upholstery fabric. For Parisian youth and for political and artistic personalities, the Renoma store is becoming the essential place for unprecedented fashion, without convention, without concessions.

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